We wrangle data for you
Turn unstructured websites into useful clean data for your marketers, lead generators, competitors research.
Individual approach
Fast delivery
High data quality
Total customer privacy
How we work
Requirements collection
You tell us what target URLs you would like to extract and what data you need.
Data structure confirmation
We develop the first crawler and gather first small data set to confirm with you the data structure. To make sure we don't miss anything and would get what you need.
Data harvesting
We run crawler in production and collect all data from target sites. We deal with bans, captchas and all anti-bot protection if needed.
Data validation
We cross-validate crawled data to ensure it's quality. We updated extraction without re-crawling if needed.
Data delivery
We deliver a final data set to your storage at AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, FTP server, or a database itself.
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